Why does Malala get so many people’s attention? This movie tells us the answer. Malala has bravely raised her voice against the Taliban to support girls going to school, and now her aspiration is to become an influential politician in Pakistan. On the other hand, In this movie, Malala is also described as an ordinary girl. By seeing both her hard life and daily life, we face this painful fact that saying "Girls should go to school" risks her life. However, why is she criticized by people in both Western countries and Pakistan? This movie introduces some people defaming her harshly, yet does not answer this question.

In regards to Western countries, there might be lack of understanding about Malala and antipathy to Islam. On the other hand, in Pakistan, antipathy to westernization might be the biggest reason. What’s more, in both, there might be an aversion to feminism and envy of  Malala.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons. However, people should pay more attention to antipathy to westernization in Pakistan because this reason includes central issues about Pakistan's situation. Looking back on their history from the point of view of Pakistanis, one can argue that the U.S had taken advantage of them as a military power against Russia and other countries for a long time, and then abandoned them.

Malala has encouraged girl’s education which was brought by Western countries and also received the Nobel Peace Prize from the Sweden Academy. Her action is certainly brave and magnificent, yet at the same time people should recognize a risk that her innocent spirit will be politically taken advantage of by Pakistan or Western countries.




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